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"Out of the Darkness"

Joy and Tony Hamilton competing at the 50th HOCR with PfP Blades.

​It was this community that I leaned on when I heard the words none of us wants to hear: “You. Have. Breast. Cancer.”

​The mammogram had the proof and I had the fight in me. I took on my health challenges with full swing. My competitive mindset gave me the drive to power through the surgeries, complications, and doubts. But cancer took rowing away from me – for almost two years – and that gave me an idea: a way to show how rowing has shaped me and how to take a minor setback to form a major comeback: “Pulling for Pink” – A Breast Cancer Awareness event centered around the sport of rowing. 

​The Austin Rowing Club opened the Head of the Colorado Regatta up to the idea in 2013, just months after my diagnosis and initial treatment. With support from friends and companies both near and far, the event has several quad (4-person boat) races that are sponsored along with venue and other sponsorship opportunities. To date, we have come together to raise more than $63,000 for women and their families fighting the disease and the after-effects of this diagnosis.

​Every penny has been donated to the Breast Cancer Resource Centers of Texas (BCRC), a local charity that assists over 2,000 breast cancer patients and their families who live right here in our community. The statistics show that one in 8 women will be diagnosed with Breast Cancer in their lifetime. Of these women, many are alone, scared, or both. Donations and Sponsorships through Pulling for Pink events are used to fund the programs designed by breast cancer survivors for those who are hearing those words – for the first or maybe multiple time.

​To to learn more about sponsorship opportunities, click HERE.

The Founder

Pulling for Pink is the creation of founder, Angie Houtz, and her friends in the Austin Rowing Community. Angie was diagnosed with Breast Cancer in the summer of 2013, and treatment required her to temporarily give up the sport she loved. The rowing community who trained with her, raced with her, and cheered for her became the community who helped her get through the treatment and its complications. In 2013, they came together to form Pulling for Pink, unique to Austin and the first event of its kind.

The Motivation

HI! My name is Angie Houtz. I am a rower and I love this sport. 

​I love all it has given to me and all it has made me realize, fight for, and work hard to accomplish. It has shown me that with patience, there is great beauty in balance and rhythm. I have competed on the national and yes, international scale. I have won gold in Canada and I have lost big time in Boston but I have always enjoyed my experience and come away wanting to be better, faster, and stronger. I have also made amazing friends; lifelong, do-anything-for-you friends.