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Support through Shopping 

​What girl doesn't like to shop? Even in the thick of my treatment program, shopping could bring a smile to
my face. Honestly, Pink was never a signature color for me until that fateful day and four little words:
You. Have. Breast. Cancer.

​I have found that wearing pink gives me strength and comfort. I find myself within this army of warriors and
survivors who are all wearing their pink proudly and with purpose.  The Pulling for Pink store is a secondary
way to provide you a place to help make a difference. All of the items are rowing related and are for the
​ladies (and MEN) to show your support and love to someone who also may have heard those same four words.

PULLING FOR PINKbenefits The Breast Cancer Resource Center (BCRC) through events held at rowing and paddling centers in our home location of Austin, Texas. The mission is to raise awareness about the resources needed when a woman is diagnosed ​with breast cancer.

When you participate in PULLING FOR PINK  by purchasing one of our items or giving a direct donation, you are helping to ensure she’ll have a place to go to find people who understand her fears, anticipate her questions, and know how to get the answers. 

​Please take a moment to visit our secure store  (site will open in a new window). Items are available for local pick up and some can be shipped for an additional cost.